Whether you are doing business virtually, on-premises, or somewhere in between, the CXApp platform supports your digital transformation



A visual dashboard of your key app section creates effortless engagement and surfaces important information the moment your app launches. Elegant banners rotate to promote events, news, trends, partners or sponsors. 

  • Agenda
  • Attendees
  • eContent
  • Travel & Logistics 
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Notifications
  • Activity Stream
  • News and more...

Activity Feed

Get social! The activity feed aggregates posts from the top social media networks so users can share their favorite moments or bright ideas directly in the app to keep them engaged and entertained. 

Integrations with digital signage project your activity feed on in-venue installations for larger than life networking.

Events, Meetings & Agendas

Part of building a thriving community is offering a series of events and meetings to keep in touch with your customers and partners.

An updated agenda for each attendee is critical to managing expectations. And since it’s digital, you can make updates in real-time as agendas might adjust during the briefing. 


The CXApp makes ‘getting to know’ your community easier with comprehensive attendee information and customizable profiles for enhanced connections.

Opportunities to connect and network with like-minded users goes beyond a single event or the walls of your venue and enables perpetual engagement all year long. 

Custom bios and integration with LinkedIn keep things concise and simple for instant connections!



eContent & Collateral

Meaningful, contextually relevant content enhances the briefing experience by giving users instant access to digital assets that can be referenced at any time as supporting materials that blend your objectives with their needs.



With a robust notifications engine, the power of information is in your hands. You can send planned updates or instant alerts quickly, and easily.  

This allows for you to create and send messages, promotions, and other timely communications to the right group of users at the right time in the most effective way.

Surveys & Polls

Have a question? Ask it! Custom surveys and polls help you get a pulse on your audience at any time.

Real-time polling provides a quick and easy way to collect opinions on a selected topic and keep users entertained and 'in the know'.

In-app surveys provide an integrated method for collecting user feedback to refine your program today, tomorrow and over time.



Beacons can be strategically placed in your briefing center to interact with digital signage and demonstration areas or in-venue hot-spots like booths, auditoriums, and lounges.

Mobile app users can be alerted with offer, special promotions, and targeted messaging the minute they pass through that area.

Digital Signage

Hardscaping with a purpose. Custom templates and live data turn large-scale digital installations into visually stunning interactive display, creating a seamless customer experience journey across all digital touchpoints. 

Live activity feeds, streaming video, events and promotions can be seen from anywhere in your venue.